The Beginner's Guide To Coarse FishingCoarse Fishing, or Coarse Angling to use a more accurate term, is the practice of using a rod and line to catch ‘freshwater fish’, i.e. fish that live in ponds, lakes, rivers, streams and canals that are not regarded as ‘Game Fish’. For practical purposes, this means any fish that does not live in the sea, apart from Salmon and Trout.

There are many branches of coarse angling, and you have probably come across terms like Match 'Angler’ and ‘Specimen Angler’. These terms are generally used to differentiate Anglers who fish competitively and measure success by the total weight of fish they catch, irrespective of size or species, compared to Anglers who target ‘specimen’ or large fish, sometimes of one species alone.

These days it is possible to go straight into one or other ‘branch’ of Angling, and be quite successful, if only for a time, by buying pre-made tackle, and following precise instructions on where, how and when to fish but the best way to develop angling as a lifelong hobby or interest is to be an ‘All Rounder’, an Angler who fishes many different waters and styles to catch a variety of different species of fish.

The intention of this book is to give you the basic information you need to be an ‘All Rounder’ by covering many different styles of fishing for a wide variety of fish in different types of waters.

The Beginner's Guide To Coarse Fishing is available in paperback and for the Amazon Kindle.

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